LED jewelry jewelry LJTHD4*5W day lantern lantern days listed, the U.S. chip, export driven, more stable, more bright, more long life, August special offer bargain: 90 yuan / sets, 100 sets of more than 2% off, more than 200 sets of 5% off, buy more to send, value affordable
  In August the new 5730 meter 72 lamp light bar counter promotion: bright 55-60LM special offer 6 yuan a 5050 meters, 72 meters high jewelry lamp light bar: RMB12 yuan / m, 2835-84 lamp high jewelry light bar: RMB10 yuan / m, 2835 double 168 lamp light: 18 yuan / M. Blueview photoelectric solemn commitment: a bad pay ceiling lamp two sets, light bad one meter 2 meters for more information, please call the Advisory jewelry lighting products! Ordering hotline: 13428986603, 15820439910

Company name: Shenzhen blue light photoelectric Co., Ltd.

Operator: 0755-88853642

Telephone number: 13428986603, 15820439910

Contact: Miss Zheng

Company address: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China Baoan District Shiyan stone road, 335, blue light industrial park

Company website: http://www.szljgd.cn

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Outdoor lighting project case
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Shenzhen Blue King Photoelectric Co., Ltd.

Company switchboard 0755 -29,058,931 Customer Service Hotline 13428986603

Company Address: Bao'an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, Dan Yantian 3 hearts Avenue, http://www.szljgd.cn

State Ministry of Information / Record No.: Guangdong ICP 12080182 No.